December 7-8 in Raleigh, NC
NEW LOCATION FOR 2023: Hampton Inn Crabtree

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What is the NCACA?

We are a state organization that promotes and upgrades the agricultural consulting profession by:

  • Helping consultants find up-to-date information on management principles and techniques.
  • Promoting research on new state-of-the-art agricultural management production and products.
  • Assisting producers in using the most effective, economical, and environmentally sound farming practices.
  • Increasing public awareness of the role independent professional consultants have in modern agriculture.
  • Shaping long-term agricultural production and philosophies from a local to a federal level.

What is an agricultural consultant?

An agricultural consultant has formal training in the field of agriculture and advises producers on wide range of cropping situations. Services that are provided include detailed soil sampling, lime and fertilizer recommendations, in-season evaluation for the control of weeds, insects and diseases, contract research, and livestock waste management.

Contact the NCACA

If you have any questions regarding our association, our events or membership inquiries, please SEND US AN EMAIL.
716 Richmond St.
Raleigh, NC 27609