NCACA Recognizes Dr. Charles Averre and Dr. Kenneth Sorensen

During the 2016 NCACA Banquet, the group recognized two retired NCSU professors for their contributions to the organization.  Dr. Kenneth Sorensen (Entomology Department) and Dr. Charles Averre (Department of Plant Pathology) have been friends of the NCACA for more than 20 years.  They’re efforts in their field and willingness to their expertise with our members has made the NCACA a better organization.  Our members are proud to honor Dr. Sorensen and Dr. Averre and wish them the all the best for their future endeavors.

Dr. Averre was unable to attend our banquet so NCACA President, Danny Pierce and other members visited him at his home to present him with a plaque of recognition.

NCACA President, Danny Pierce presents a plaque of recognition to Dr. Kenneth Sorensen.