Reaching out to students

Many of you may be aware that one of our members, Toni Wade, has been making regular visits to middle and high schools to educate students on various agricultural topics as well as to promote the field of agriculture to a younger generation.  Toni believes that outreach to youth is vital for making sure that our young citizens understand the contributions that growers and other agricultural professionals make to our society.  In a time when misinformation regarding agriculture is widespread, having people like Toni and other consultants explain the importance of responsible agriculture is vital for the future of the industry.

If you have the opportunity to connect with students at a school, 4-H meeting, camp or other venue, Toni encourages you to do it!  She is happy to share her experiences and the presentations that she has made at different schools with you.  Contact Toni to talk about how you can participate.

Toni Wade

Here’s a letter Toni received recently from a school she has visited:

Dear Ms. Wade,

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the science program at Allison Academy! Over the past three years you have made an impact on our students with your knowledge and delightful presentations. At first you were known as the “Cotton Lady” when you gave cotton bolls to each student and related the process of producing and manufacturing cotton products; then you added the identity of the “Pickle Lady” when you explained how pickles are grown and processed; then this year you presented the peanut along with some wisdom for life advice. Our urban students were amazed by your presentations as most of them had no idea about the origin of cotton clothing, how a pickle was grown and made, or that peanuts did not grow on trees!

We hope that Allison Academy can count on our annual visits every year. You are a wonderful asset to our science program. We all thank you!

Best regards,
Sarah F. Allison, Ed.D.
Allison Academy
North Miami Beach, FL