Thursday January 14 and Friday January 15, 2021
Via the Zoom Meeting Platform

Thursday, January 14th – 9:00 am:

Malone Rosemond (Bayer) 15 minutes
Rick Strecker (Bayer) 15 minutes

Dominic Reisig “Extended Q&A for Consultants”
30-45 minutes

Ken Teeter (Syngenta) 10 minutes
John Cranmer (Valent) 10 minutes
Holland Jordan (Granco Minerals) 10 minutes

Charlie Cahoon “Mission Impossible; Troublesome Weeds in Corn”
30-45 minutes

Friday, January 15th – 9:00 am:

Tom McKemie (Coastal Agrobusiness) 15 minutes
Brianne Reeves (BASF) 15 minutes

Rachel Vann “Narrowing the Soybean Yield Gap”
30-45 minutes

Jason Woodward (Phytogen) 10 minutes
Tony Weiss (Corteva) 10 minutes
Adam Lassiter (DynaGro) 10 minutes

Guy Collins “Seed Quality and the NCDA Cotton Seed Program”
30-45 minutes